Zero.Blue.Orion | Ep. 1 | Test Subjects

Zero.Blue.Orion is a comedic anime-style mecha show using the Lancer RPG system and follows several test subjects as they try to stop an impending disaster that could undo thousands of years of work.

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Wacksteven –

BradWOTO as “Boomslang” –
FistoftheWalrus as “Rashman” –
HelloItsKolo as “8900”-
Mythematic as “Red Panda”-
Pumpkinberry as “Geist” –


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47 thoughts on “Zero.Blue.Orion | Ep. 1 | Test Subjects”

  1. This is the second campaign I’ve started watching that’s DMed by wack someone tell me why this man refuses to use initiative like it keeps the game organized use it jeeeeez or at least declare when a new round is starting

  2. Not gon' lie, the anime music gets me pretty hype. xD Wow, what a fun first episode. Fortunately, I don't have to wait a week. Neeeext! Also, Kolo sounds so different! It took me a moment to recognize her and Mythematic!

  3. If I had a lancer mech I would be a dragonlike mecha with a gun blade
    Called bahamut and the company is called mythgear.

  4. Odd question but…wtf is this? (Asking cause I searched Gundam dnd and this showed up. Also cause I plan to do a gundam campaign….one day.)

  5. Doesn't come up with backstory and turns that into brilliant opportunity for others to say where they recognize him from. Priceless.

  6. 1:20:44
    What is that song in the background? Because I have definitely heard it, and it bothers me that I can't remember what it is.
    On an unrelated note, hot damn this production quality is great.

  7. Not sure if this has been asked uet: What is the Mech at the top right of each players box? Is that the official Massif Press GMS Everest? Or is it fan made?

  8. so glad i stumbled upon this series! i was looking for a mech campaign for the longest time, and this one has it all- super fun characters, an immersive soundscape, and spandex!
    thank you all for coming together to create this, i'm excited to see where the story goes from here!

  9. I've never really been that interested in Mech related stuff but I really like where this campaign is going and very happy to add, yet another, Table Story campaign to my weekly watch list. Wack, you really outdid yourself with all the work you put into this campaign. This is next level tabletop immersion!

  10. Please let them remember/know that Lancers are the Ace Mech Pilots and not all mech pilots are Lancers.

    And if you move once you can take a Barrage action or vice versa. The issue is that if he has the Cyclone rifle then he only has his Assault rifle outside of it. Meaning he can fire either/or as you can't fire the same weapon twice. Unless I am crossing systems again.

    The only caveat is that Actions can't be split. But If I had a mech with Move 4 I could move 2 spaces, Barrage Action, then move my last 2 spaces. (There is a second sub-caveat IIRC which is the ordinance weapon tag which requires it to be fired first before anything else is done that turn meaning it must be fired before moving that turn.) Also remember you can fire Auxiliary Weapons in the same mount as another weapon you fired when attacking. Meaning if you have an Assault Rifle and a Auxiliary Missile Launcher in a Main/Aux mount they can fire together.

    Edit: Also GMS licenses are, IIRC, automatic to everyone in the galaxy.

    Edit2: She should have had 3 Structure left meaning she would have been stunned.

    Edit3: Oh lord… @2:54:20 that Gurren Lagaan reference… (If unintentional that makes it better.) Should have named the attack Super Robot style. Like Giga Spandex Shooter (giggity) or something. Especially when followed by the miss. Like calling out the ultimate attack and then firing it the completely wrong direction.

    Edit4: IIRC you could set the Self-Destruct, eject then use a Dummy Plug or AI to basically have the mech run forwards and blow up amongst the enemy units.

  11. normal voice
    N-clears throat
    Anime narrator voice
    "Now that the team has awaken and met will they be able to work as a team. Will Wyett be able to resist teasing Elisa about her hight. Will Effie, Luka, and Stew realize the other two didn't explode in the simulation. Why am I asking you all these questions. Find out next time on *ZERO.BLUE.ORION*"
    Normal voice thinking the mic is off
    "Seriously why am I asking them all these questions." Continues arguing with someone as the conversation fades and the mic clicks off

  12. I love this Mecha epic begins with 10 mins of everyone puking & PB keels over laughing about a dozen times. Also: StoryNut.

  13. 'Rashman' reminds me of a combination of Homer Simpson, Zapp Brannigan, and The Tick, and I love him. All the characters are pretty awesome, and Wackman's a great GM. I love the use of sound effects – they add a surprising amount to things. More than I'd have thought. I'm very much going to be following this as it goes forward.

  14. Did i just spend 3.5 hours to watch a tablestory stream during my finals week ? Yes. Yes I did. Really hyped for the new show 😀

  15. I've never heard of fist of the walrus but my god his voice its so good. He sounds like a less angry kratos from god of war mixed with Joe Swanson from family guy

  16. As a GM… That start with Wack taking to himself in 2 different characters managing to maintain coherence and consistency is great! It's a super hard thing to do for me. Be honest Wack, how much did you practiced that intro?


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