It’s Games Night and today we’re playing Scrawl! Scrawl is a guessing game where you draw what’s written and you write what’s drawn.
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Gameplay Overview:
Take a Scenario Card, doodle it, pass it on. By the time it gets through your friend’s disturbed minds, your delightful drawing of ‘Dreaming of Bacon’ could be disfigured beyond belief. In the meantime, you’ve got to interpret the new doodle before you. Is that an ugly baby, a badly fried egg or something else entirely?


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43 thoughts on “YOU CAN'T DRAW THAT! | Scrawl”

  1. Duncan I love your long hair. I've been growing mine out for almost two years now. If you look at one of my YouTube videos you can probably see what it looks like. My KH3 video is probably the best to look at for it.

  2. I cant stand Lewis in the group setting of these because he just takes over and is so domineering over the games. Makes it not fun to watch.

  3. Totally with lewis on the scoring, none of the words were right on duncans answer but both lewis and bens drawings led to the person getting at least one word right. Just normally whiney duncan salt

  4. Oh man so this is exactly like a game my family plays called "Telephone Pictionary," except instead of getting a prompt card there is just a general theme that everyone falls under. Additionally, all the game requires is pieces of paper and a pen/pencil. No one wins or loses; the game is funny enough with bad drawing that a reveal of what the initial saying was and the transition to the end result is satisfying in and of itself without points. We end up with people having trouble breathing they're laughing so hard, and the more people you have playing the more wild it gets XD

  5. Love how duncan things cooking a person is not worth a point… but then when it's his guess he things washing hands is worth a point for wet handshake?… like come on dude.

  6. Ive never seen Ben IRL but he looks exactly how I imagined he might like his voice paired up perfectly. That doesnt always happen to me with guessing how people look off how they sound


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