YogsQuest 9 – Call of Cthulhu #1 | Meet the Family

YogsQuest! Nick Steele is sending suspicious letters from Danvers State Hospital. The family jump in to investigate!
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21 thoughts on “YogsQuest 9 – Call of Cthulhu #1 | Meet the Family”

  1. Dr Burger, farmer McDonald, butcher Sanders, and some baker playing a newly invented game called "domino".
    The 4 primordials of the lovecraftocalypse.

  2. I can't believe it took me this long to get Ben was playing Harvey Weinstein. That joke about making 'young actresses' stars. And getting away to lay low, because of rumours. Was this before that really blew up for real?

  3. Holy shite, coming in from the new call of cuthulu campaign and haven't even passed the first 22 seconds, but seeing tom without his beard is just shocking.

  4. Based on past activities Donny has done with Steele and with Sijn's character.I think the extra salty pastrami is code for a different service that is illegal in this time.


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