Yogscast Poker Nights | Cash Games #8 (Final) – In It to Win It

Yogscast Poker Nights! Its the final episode of the Cash Games series! In it to win it or Sjin it to win it?

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27 thoughts on “Yogscast Poker Nights | Cash Games #8 (Final) – In It to Win It”

  1. Pyrion is such an insufferable prick. He hates people having any kind of fun. This is not a professional level poker game. I know Sjin's an asshole, normally, but Pyrion acting all morally superior over that "slowrolling" thing is so… so, so, so fucking dumb. Pyrion was the asshole, acting so disproportionately enraged, over a little bit of smugness. "That's rude, mate." No, interrupting the game to condemn a player for being cheeky and call them rude for something so completely meaningless is rude. Pyrion does stuff like that all the time, and, every time, it makes him look like a pretentious, self-righteous ass. He's literally the only one at the table who cares to act up about meaningless, innocuous gameplay.

  2. People getting salty at Pyrion is great, he was clearly over acting his annoyance at Sjin and uses it more as a quick lesson in etiquette. You can tell it's joking the line "give me my hundred", "I'm flaming you next commentary" and "people have been shot for less" are all intended to be humorous. People are acting like he just brought back accusations of Sjin with a fan.

  3. Absolutely rinsed both my housemates twice and I knew nothing before watching yogscast poker, pyrion would be proud😂

  4. As fun as these are I would just once like to see a "real" game of Poker. No Sjin, no Duncan, no Lewis or any of these other people. Just Pyrion, Caff, Turps, Ben (the Dealer) and hopefully they can find a decent 5th. Just once.
    EDIT: I would also like to see a nice 6 or even 8 hour straight game so we can maybe have an actual winner.

  5. This is one of my all-time favourite things to see the yogs do. I know turps said that this was just to test everything pre jingle jam but please keep it up. Besides, you get to stream it and you get a popular youtube video, that's the best of both worlds!

  6. Aww, that series was awesome! I really enjoyed watching it. I play poker very very rarely with friends and I learned a lot actually thanks to all the poker series and Pyrion's commentary! Thanks ❤️♠️♦️♣️

  7. Yogscast gone dry af back when feed the world and moonquest where coming out they would make you piss yourself know they struggling to make content sad to see it happen


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