Yogscast Poker Nights | Cash Games #7 – Three Pair and Wraparounds

Yogscast Poker Nights! In the final session of Poker Nights we have a couple of friendly new faces join the table with Tom and Turps in the commentary positions. Pyrion suggests a few interesting new rules…

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50 thoughts on “Yogscast Poker Nights | Cash Games #7 – Three Pair and Wraparounds”

  1. The only two people I watch these streams for are Pyrion and Ben the Dealer, I've loved the whole yogscast line up for years but right now as an amatuer tourny poker player they're just winning me over hardcore.

  2. Can we PLEASE have Pyrion do a How-To: Poker on this or the main channel? I'd love to see him talk poker just by himself for 10, 20, 30, 60, 120, minutes.

  3. A couple buddies of mine always referred to Jack and Queen of hearts as “Jack and Dianne”, after the song by John Mellencamp.

  4. this is so great I love poker and I love how silly these guys play but god damn the card overlay is wrong almost every hand

  5. I miss having Pyrion's commentating but at the same time it's so great to have Pyrion in there telling people to shut up if they're not in the hand

  6. correct me if I'm wrong but (given their house rules) a 3 pair would never be up against a 2 pair, both players would always have 3 pair

  7. I love how they were talking about Sjin folding the 10 but completely missed Duncan folding pre-flop into the straight.

  8. Every day is Lew Lew's birthday. :> He doesn't even change his clothes. That dirty boy.
    On a serious note, I love poker night! <3

  9. They maybe should try to double stream this at jingle jam; one stream for the table, one stream for the commentary. That makes it way easier to follow the table and still enjoy the commentary.


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