Yogscast Poker Nights | Cash Games #2 – Running Hot

Yogscast Poker Nights! The double champ himself, Turps, joins Pyrion in the commentary box this time. They both realise that the birthday boy may have been up to some sneaky tricks that may have helped him on his winning streak…

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24 thoughts on “Yogscast Poker Nights | Cash Games #2 – Running Hot”

  1. I've just seen the news about Turps stepping down as CEO and now I no longer feel comfortable watching this :/

  2. The lichen you can buy for models is called "Reigndeer moss" and it grows native to where I"m from! (Its got a big range)

  3. I may just be watching because they're cute. Defiantly not because of the commentary or editing. I want to watch poker with hot guys!

  4. Hahaha, look at Lewis' happy lil' face, he looks so pleased with himself, and then there's just Pyrion and Turps exposing all his sneaky tricks, haha, love this so much

  5. I appreciate the conversations as much as the next guy, but the commentary was rather nice and it seems to have completely evaporated. It isn't a proud moment when you don't notice a player has left the table.


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