YOGSCAST NIGHTS | Say Anything (Games Night)

In Games Night, we check out the best tabletop games around! Things get a little blue today, that’s why this one’s branded as YOGSCAST NIGHTSSS. Get ready for sauciness!
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27 thoughts on “YOGSCAST NIGHTS | Say Anything (Games Night)”

  1. 16:00
    You reckon he originally put Steven Hawking as he changed it coz it was too mean?
    or maybe he put someone who cant speak at all

  2. Tom could be Stephen Fry's twin brother. He looks a dead ringer and his mannerisms and affectations are so similar too.

  3. I noticed that both Tom and the editor were wrong when counting points, but in different ways.
    Most of the mistakes of the on-screen points were copied mistakes from Tom that the editor didn't notice though.

  4. I'd like to see how their answers to the second one would change today. I imagine it'd be the same due to a different flavour of irony.

  5. 6:35 never gonna be able to watch this the same again! Games nights are my favorite videos I sometimes fall asleep with them on but dang. Love you guys I know it’s probably hard with that situation but I’ll never leave. 💕


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