XCOM: The Board Game #1 – Crisis Alert

Lewis, Ben and Tom H join the XCOM to try and save the world from alien invasion!
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38 thoughts on “XCOM: The Board Game #1 – Crisis Alert”

  1. If you want to get right into the game (I advise you to watch the explanation, it's funny and also stop the 'what the fuck is happening') it's at 12:20

  2. The predecessor to XCOM was the British TV series UFO from the Sixties. Just watch for free on YouTube the episode UFO: THE BIRTH OF SHADO. by FandersonUfo put on the Net. There are so many déjà vus in it.

  3. A couple things:
    1st, I'm pretty sure you don't flip the alien cards on the mission until you get to them meaning that you have to assign people without that knowledge.

    2nd: I'd recommend doing this again once everyone is more familiar with their roles and what they do. That way you can go faster during the timed phase because any left over time is given to you at the end of the timed phase allowing you check that you've played all cards that you wanted to.

  4. Lol the hubris! Maybe it would mollify gamers' pride if easy was called beginner's instead.

    As is, great board game, but that was hard to watch, like a steamroller slowly squishing a squirrel to death.

  5. I like playing games on the hardest difficulty now it normally ends withs me putting a drill to my skull but i feel so good if i finish the game

  6. This seems stupidly difficult. First turn an two deaths. The UFOs are everywhere. Failed research. The continents have already accepted defeat as the only option. Most rolls end with failure.


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