WILLY WONKA vs CHUCK NORRIS – Superfight (Games Night)

It’s Superfight on Games Night. Today we find out if Willy Wonka could give Chuck Norris a major beat down. Games Night Playlist: Featuring Sips Hat Films

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24 thoughts on “WILLY WONKA vs CHUCK NORRIS – Superfight (Games Night)”

  1. Chuck Norris would be undefeated.

    …Beacuse he would quit after winning the first match to not lose his "Undeafeted title"

  2. Guys I know I am a bit late but before voting, you are meant to spend something like 5 mins justifying what you would do and why you would win almost like a pokemon battle.

  3. Fighting a squid the size of a human being would be actually terrifying. Most squids, their bodies are only two to three feet, with tentacles a little longer. A squid that totals ten to fourteen feet, and can find you even if you’re invisible? That’s nightmare material.

  4. Holy shit that whole chuck Norris killing himself by roundhouse kicking his time traveling doctor mother. Was such a good fucking counter

  5. even if the doctor was the timelord and went back in time to kill chuck as a baby. It was said chuck Norris can roundhouse kick you, yesterday.

  6. this may be a contriversial opinion, but chuck noris is just a washed up old geezer whos only claim to fame is staring as the hero in many, many good westerns.


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