WHERE'S THE BOMB?! – Exploding Kittens (Games Night)

We’ve lost the bomb in Exploding Kittens! It has to be in there somewhere. Games Night Playlist: Featuring Sips Hat Films Check out Exploding Kittens here

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43 thoughts on “WHERE'S THE BOMB?! – Exploding Kittens (Games Night)”

  1. Trott vs Smith at the end was like something out of an Ace Attorney game, right down to Smith's breakdown when Trott has him.

  2. 9:49 This is me in half the games I play, I either win spectacularly, or I screw myself over while trying to screw over the other players.

  3. Sam must have hated them for that fucking clap sync (assuming sam still does live audio like he did for D&D s2)

  4. Holy shit! Those plays at the end! I was honestly on the edge of my seat watching that. This is probably the best games night yet!

  5. You guys should play Boss Monster next. It's a card game in which you are a video game monster boss and you build your dungeon and try to kill incoming adventurers by building rooms and casting spells. The point of the game is to get the most souls (Which you get from killing heroes.). Please like this so Yogscast can see this. It would be great to see them play.

  6. 9:13 … such an awkward interaction. Not sure if Lewis and Sips are such great friends or if Lewis only believes they are lol.


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