What If Goku Married Bulma & Vegeta Married Chi-Chi?

The Anime shipping debate that will never end! Could you imagine a world where Goku married Bulma? What about a world in which Vegeta fell for Chi Chi? Would these hypothetical couples actually manage a good relationship in the dragon ball world? And which marriage would be stronger long term? Today features an anime manga Dragon Ball what if discussion for Valentines day as Geekdom101 and myself discuss Goku, Bulma, Vegeta and Chi-Chi today!

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40 thoughts on “What If Goku Married Bulma & Vegeta Married Chi-Chi?”

  1. Yeah, Vegeta would never stand for Trunks to lose his mojo like Gohan did. And he wouldn't let ChiChi run him like Goku does. Bulma would quickly lose patience with how DUMB Goku is, and would drop his ass. She's rich. She don't need him AT ALL. Strength and looks are all good, but if you can't have a conversation, it's not going to last, not with a woman like Bulma. The couples are exactly as they should be.

  2. Goku would leave too, if he would have marriage Bulma. Cause Goku loves to train with trainers and Vegeta loves to train alone in DBZ.

  3. Chichi is the daughter of the ox king so that makes her the princess and Goku married mer so that makes him a king or prince

  4. Truly from my heart i think goku and bulma should be together imagine the episode when zamazu killed chi chi.picture bulma instead of chi chi imagine the rage and carnage

  5. I think ya missing one very important fact.
    Goku's stupidity turned Bulma off, and it turned Chichi on.
    Vegeta's aggressiveness turned chichi off, but turned bulma on.

  6. Atleast Goku & Chichi has 2 cute son. If goku married bulma instead of chichi Gohan & Goten hair definitely will be blue. I don’t think bulla and trunk much cuter than Gohan & Goten


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