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Get ready to climb aboard and make some harrowing hypothetical life-or-death decisions! In this installment of Game the Game, Becca is joined by James Hudson, Ivan Van Norman, Havana Mahoney, Joy Regullano, Bonnie Gordon and Krystina Arielle to play Trial by Trolley from Cyanide & Happiness and Skybound Games. Together they must decide life’s most difficult/hilarious ethical dilemmas (in other words, deciding which characters get smashed by a runaway trolley.) Can you take the pressure?

Learn more about Trial by Trolley from Cyanide & Happiness and Skybound Games below!

Tabletop games are super fun, but learning the complicated directions and rules can be a challenge. Becca Scott is your game tutor, explaining the game mechanics in an easy to follow way, so you can get to playing the games faster.

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44 thoughts on “Trial by Trolley | Game the Game”

  1. Just coming to this. I guess they should have said in round one that the ballon contained COVID19. That might have changed the results 😉

  2. That’s nice but I can’t figure out what these mini figures, building, and small card packs are for, like “joking hazard” and the other 2. No instructions included…

  3. I'd never watched game the game but randomly clicked this one. The show is a lot better than I had given it credit for off of the ad spots during critical role. I quite enjoyed this.

  4. The incoming disaster was the trolley, i mean, i'd call killing santa a disaster.

  5. Last one got messy kill the messenger of disaster or yourself in 10 years (who is worning you about disaster) wich is killed santa

  6. In the first round you stop a school shooting but you killed alot more people with the ebola virus in the air

  7. Saw the kick starter and I really like the concept and thought about buying it. Then I watched this video and realized two things. First: this was really not as funny as I'd hoped and it won't have super high replay value. Second: this annoying group affirmes why I stopped watching this channel over 5 years ago. Yick

  8. If it was me, I’d save the sexy vampire that’s into me, every time! They can turn you, then you’d have superpowers, immortality, AND a soul-mate!! Even one of those would be enough, but ALL 3?! 😱


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