TIME'S UP! – Games Night XL

It’s Games Night and in tonight’s extra long episode we’re playing Time’s Up! You have to give each other clues to guess what’s on your card. It’s really fun, check it out! Games Night Playlist: Featuring Sjin Duncan Turps and Tom!

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30 thoughts on “TIME'S UP! – Games Night XL”

  1. Only noticed this on re-watch… but Lewis should have drawn with Turps. Duncan kept Shrek on the final round despite Sjin not guessing the obvious clue (he just had one pile and only put one wrong back into the stack rather than the two wrongs). Lewis had the entire timer and clearly would have gotten it hence Duncan's cheating cost Lewis a deserved draw!!

  2. so this isnt a big deal but at 30:48 when lewis was guessing over the rainbow i thought i would guess too and what i said was "rainbow, over the rainbow" then lewis followed with "rainbow, over the rainbow"… Me and lewis have a psychic bond.

  3. I'm still impressed at how good Sjin ended up being in this, excluding that weird bit where he forgot his own Brazil clue.

  4. I put off watching this (for stupid reasons) and I'm glad I came back to it. This is one of the best Games Nights yet!


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