The Chain: Ep. 18 – The Sun Elf | Matt Colville's D&D Campaign

The Chain of Acheron sit down with Lady Shirome to discuss the completion of their current contract. Then while travelling in Capital, they are ambushed by some monstrous creations.

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47 thoughts on “The Chain: Ep. 18 – The Sun Elf | Matt Colville's D&D Campaign”

  1. So I just had a thought. Ajax's Standard Operating Procedure is to cause chaos, then offer stability, correct?

    Who hired assassins to kill the Prince? Well, who stands to gain if he died? Who stands to gain with capital in chaos?


  2. @MCDM, ever think about taking the idea 4th edition had for deity-specific channel divinity abilities and making a 5e Orden variant of it?

  3. Matt: Metagaming…
    Everyone else: You just told us!
    Matt: …..that’s true, but still…
    The most DM’ey thing I’ve ever heard 😂

  4. I think Jump should work the way Phil wants it to honestly, like maybe as a special kind of ability a battle master can do, this crazy insane jump and attack combo.

  5. There is probably no point to saying this since we're a couple of months worth of sessions behind, so this will be something that is either solved or not by the time we've caught up to current, but a bit of feedback. My wife and I both feel that Lars is smart and has really good ideas but if he's going to be the commander of the chain, he needs to make decisions and act on them more during RP situations. It seems like he's trying so hard not to make a misstep that he's also missing a lot of opportunities due to being too worried about not making a bad decision. This is a longform version of the commander needs to talk more, or if he doesn't, he could let Tom aka Boots do most of the talking (ie "the commander prefers to observe rather than talk directly, he will interject if he needs to"). We're loving the story and the game as its unfolding but it's hard to watch the players expecting Lars to talk on their behalf as the commander and then Lars says nothing.

  6. Oh god that mold effect. That is truly one of my greatest nightmares both in real life and as a horrifying scenario to deal with in a game. I usually play heroic characters because I want to be able to rescue people in paril, and that just seems like such a no win scenario at least on the face of it, that it'd drive me nuts.

  7. I know I'm late to the game, but the transformation scene immediately popped into my head as an anime style scene. Super amazing description! Love it!

  8. Man, I'd play this campaign like such an asshole. My first thought with the dragon was to just run away, don't worry about it if it can't stop you from escaping, lol

  9. I love Matt's random guess of buying the gaming tiles back in 2006, because the game they came from was released in 2006 🙂

  10. I think Matt Colville would benefit from some of the monsters and other homebrew I've made on D&D beyond, under the username: leviticusomega

  11. Leech's eyes roll back into his head granting him vision of the Black Dragon's vitals. Reaching out he begins to pluck at arteries and veins imbuing them with festering disease. Even as the blighted blood hemorrhages great blight bubbles begin to grow and burst in pussy explosions, like cancerous growths expanding and popping with fetid waste. The infected spot weeps puss and dirty fluids leaving a festering wound where once pristine black scales shone bright in sunlight. Papa Nurgle gives the Black Dragon a little kiss. 😉

  12. Finally. A bunch of players who all work in mass media realise that public opinion is something they might want to be able to influence.

  13. 1:10:46 – 1:11:53 is pure gold. As I said before on other episodes, this is just like hanging with friends. So comfy.

  14. 3:04:30 – I absolutely LOVE how Anna is the one that says “legendary…wank” and then is taken aback and laughs that OD continues with the dirty sex jokes.

  15. Four Candles? Here you are then … in case you didn't know it:

    And the Mrs Slocombe reference:

  16. One thing. Matt went to lengths to have OD describe what it looks like when Leech casts Blight, but then for the dragons next action just says "You all take 54 acid damage". Not even what from, let alone a description.
    This is not a criticism. Matt did mention on several occasions that he has had a rough week (sorry to hear that). I DM too, so completely understand how easy it is to miss stuff in the heat of the moment. Just felt like an opportunity missed when Matt clearly wants to evoke vivid imagery. Maybe something everyone at the table can help remind each other of?

  17. Matt O'Driscols new mini is SPOT ON! Great use of the HeroForge minis to get the cleaver in his hand and the bottles around his feet.


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