Surviving Our First Night in LAST OASIS #4 (Survival Game)

Last Oasis! We’re ready to explore a new map and find somewhere green to set-up camp. However, we soon discover that the game has a night and day cycle and things get very dark very fast!
Last Oasis is a PvP Multiplayer survival MMO game that’s part Conan and part Mad Max where you gather resources to build prehistoric mechanical walking transports and avoid other players and groups of PvP raiders. We might be bad but it should at least be funny to watch!

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32 thoughts on “Surviving Our First Night in LAST OASIS #4 (Survival Game)”

  1. 31° Celsius is definitely uncomfortably hot, especially if you're english. But 45° Aussie summers. its just torture..

  2. I had to have a bit of a laugh at the 31 degrees it's too hot because I'm Aussie and that's generally a cold summer day and warm winter day 😂😂

  3. It's not night time. It's an eclipse. There is no true day night cycle in the game. That's why it's completely pitch black cause it doesn't last very long.

  4. Note to whoever edits this: Could you move the names just like a bit to the right so they aren't covering up the resource bars? Strange choice of location for them

  5. Its only 31 degrees there? So like 87 deg F? Thats not hot at all. Lol floridas been having around 100 degree F weather the last week.

  6. lmao 31 degrees is a regular day in the equator

    but in the summer? It can get betwen 40-50 C like b r u h the roads MELT

  7. For my fellow Americans, 31 Degrees Celcius which is what they use in the UK is 87.8 degrees Fahrenheit
    For you brits, it's currently 32 degrees C where I live and that's on the cool side for this time of year in this part of the US (get why we all have AC units now?)


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