Star Wars Rebellion #1 – Let Battle Commence

Lewis and Ben join the Rebellion Alliance to try and take down the Galactic Empire in Star Wars Rebellion!

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26 thoughts on “Star Wars Rebellion #1 – Let Battle Commence”

  1. I can just imagine Vader tweeting ‘IM ON TATOOINE LOOKING FOR THE REBELS!’ and the rebels just reply ‘Wrong Planet Shitlord!’

  2. Their Star Wars knowledge is a bit off… For instance Kashyyyk is not a loyalist Imperial planet but has actually been subjugated and its Wookie population enslaved.

  3. So here's a thing. The Rebels had no idea how or if the Death Star could be destroyed until they analysed the plans. The solution might not've been Y-Wings/X-Wings doing a Dambusters but a corvette full of explosives doing an Operation Chariot or teams of marines doing a Dieppe. Or coming to terms with the Death Star's invulnerability and deciding to make their own low(er)-tech planet-destroying equivalent (hyperspace ramming, anybody?) to force a stalemate.

    I like the idea that no-one really knew that X-Wings were any good for more than sweeping up TIE fighters and carrying out small surgical strikes until suddenly one demonstrated it even could blow up a Death Star and immediately the big capital ships were kinda obsolete. Like battleships after Pearl Harbor / Midway.


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