Star Wars: Legion | Starter Set Battle #1

Star Wars: Legion! Lewis and Ben are back to play the new Star Wars Warhammer-like!
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21 thoughts on “Star Wars: Legion | Starter Set Battle #1”

  1. So I know this video is a year old but does anybody know what kind of building models they are using/where they are available?

  2. very nicely done beginner video. I am just getting a ton of Empire units on a trade all painted, so hoping to jump right into the game!

  3. That guy in the brown shirt is the kind of guy that put me off of playing 40k. The kind of guy that acts out every action on the table personally as the game goes on even though he’s a 30 year old Man.

    Every Games Workshop has at least one of these type of people they are so annoying

  4. Would really like to see more legion on this channel, this video is what got me playing it in the first place

  5. Hey Ben where do you and Lewis get your tabletop miniatures worlds sets like the generators and boxes they look awesome


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