STAR WARS ARMADA #3 | One in a Million

Star Wars Armada! Some ships start to fall as battle heats up!
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41 thoughts on “STAR WARS ARMADA #3 | One in a Million”

  1. I really appreciate the production value on these videos with all the overlays, such a shame they never got the views they deserve

  2. 10:00 Ok I know hindsight is 20/20, but why on earth would you NOT use the Vader boarding party at that moment? The ISD has 8 hull left, no shields, and is surrounded by piranhas. There is NO WAY it is going to last another round.

  3. Fun video, but I don’t think you can reroll, add your concentrate fire, then reroll that die. You have to concentrate fire first then you can reroll.

  4. Why would you 'cheat' when – as a champion even – playing a new player? With the huge skill gap, you want to miss your opportunities if anything.

    Can't trigger Ordnance Experts, then use concentrate fire, and then trigger the Experts again during the same attack.


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