STAR WARS ARMADA #1 | The Space Boat King Returns!

Star Wars Armada! Space Boat King Ben returns again to take down Rebel Scum Mark!
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Mark’s Rebel Fleet:
Ben’s Imperial Fleet:

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49 thoughts on “STAR WARS ARMADA #1 | The Space Boat King Returns!”

  1. Even though it's been almost 2 years, I don't see any comments pointing out that the Imperial Star Destroyer I in that video is an ISD II.

  2. HowlRunner. was her call-sign, her name is actually actually Civé Rashon . She appeared in Galaxies Empire Divided and much more. Her Canon or Lore, she was apart of Obsidian Squadron, and her squadron was most likely stationed on either the Executor or Vader's ISD. Her Squadron pursued the Millennium Falcon in the Empire Strikes back during the Asteroid scene and at Cloud City. She ended up at the Battle of Endor. being stationed on the ISD Thunderflare. Thundeflare would survive the Battle of Endor, so I am assuming since Howlrunner is not mentioned as dying, that her and most or some of her squadron survived.

  3. So I bought x wing and loved it but I also want to be able to play with the bigger cruisers and destroyers like in armada, what should I do?

  4. I want a Clone Wars tabletop game dammit! Can you imagine all the special rules for different clone legions and battalions like the 501st and the 212th?

  5. Are ya sure this isn't meant to be a board game, because I'm only a couple of minutes in and I'm already totally bored by it.


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