SO IN LOVE – Moods (Games Night XL)

Tonight we play Moods! It’s a board game where you have to read a given line in the hopes that your friends can guess the mood you’re in. Featuring Sips Hat Films Games Night Playlist:

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38 thoughts on “SO IN LOVE – Moods (Games Night XL)”

  1. How come almost every yogscast game night, Lewis is wearing the same red checked shirt (edited) and black and white checked vans, which by the way really suit him? 😂❤️

  2. The one problem with the game is that the person who rolls will always look at the mood on the board so you can track which one he has before they read the card out

  3. The most challenging thing I can think of with this game is playing someone who has a serious poker face.
    If this were more like an RPG, Easy mode would be labeled Trott and Hard mode would be labeled Sips.

    This looks like an interesting game. Unfortunately not a game any of my family members would play as everyone is pretty conservative about their emotions. :/ (and friends? lol)
    Despite this, I'll add this to my list of board games. 🙂

  4. 15:12 "well threatening and manly are both kind of the same" this here my friends says something. not gonna go on a crazy long rant just a little example of how men are perceived threatening as the norm.


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