Sleep Aid VOL 4 [Background/Study/Work] – 12 Hours of Game Grumps Laughter Compilations [UNOFFICIAL]

Other than diagnosing that smell coming from your friend’s lower half, Sleep Aid Volume 4 is probably the #1 request I’ve received in life. Wait no more… it’s finally here! Danny & Arin’s uncontrollable laughter for 12 hours soothes, relaxes, and entertains. Sleep aid viewers often tell me they use these videos for background noise to relax, study, work, etc. I like it for sleep. However YOU use it, I hope it brings you lots of joy!!

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If you’re new to these, this is a giant compilation of existing compilations of mine. In order, they are:

0:00 – Best Laughter – Skyward Sword
2:09:12 – Best Laughter – Dead Rising 2
2:53:57 – Best Laughter – Zelda CDi Games
3:57:32 – Best Laughter – Super Mario 3d World
5:10:14 – Best Laughter – Devil’s Third
5:54:14 – Best Laughter – Shovel Knight Solo & Co-Op Laughter Compilations
6:10:15 – Best Laughter – Sonic Boom Laughter Compilation
6:47:03 – Best Laughter – Super Mario U Deluxe
7:13:04 – Best Laughter – Link to the Past
8:14:42 – Best Laughter – Super Mario Sunshine
9:23:23 – Best Laughter – Link Between Worlds
10:20:10 – Best Laughter – Kitty Love
11:03:58 – Arin’s Self-Confidence Gets Tested Vol2
11:23:15 – Dan Says Arin Like a Disappointed Mother
11:52:05 – I’m the Video Game Boy! Compilation

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24 thoughts on “Sleep Aid VOL 4 [Background/Study/Work] – 12 Hours of Game Grumps Laughter Compilations [UNOFFICIAL]”

  1. Hey all, if you enjoyed the ad-free video I hope you'll consider donating! Either way, I hope GG continues to help you sleep/work/study as it does for me <3

  2. I listened to this last night and I had a dream that I was trapped in a cave with Danny and Arin and it was my favorite dream I've had in a long time

  3. I don't give a fuck about their laughter I just want to hear their jokes hearing laughter doesn't make me laugh!

  4. I’ve never been able to fall asleep without noise. I always watch YouTube while I’m falling asleep, and it’s been hard to find good videos. This has helped me so much. I don’t know why i have these sleep problems.

  5. I often fall asleep before getting to 2:10:07 but I woke up randomly and heard this. I haven't laughed that hard in awhile.


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