SHOW THEM WHO'S BOSS | Spirit Island | Lewis, Ben & Daltos

It’s time for a battle to see who has the most dominant spirits in Spirit Island – this episode featuing Lewis, Ben & Daltos

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19 thoughts on “SHOW THEM WHO'S BOSS | Spirit Island | Lewis, Ben & Daltos”

  1. Does anyone know what workshop mod they used for Arkham horror?? Im trying to play it with some friends and cant find the scripted version the yogs used.

  2. With innate powers, you need to do every part of the innate power on the same square, so with the beasts first one, you can gather deal damage and push but you have to pick one land to do all of it. Just in case for next time

  3. I love Spirit Island! Not an easy game to learn or play, but a fantastic experience. Probably my favorite heavy cooperative game ever.

  4. Honestly this board game is chilling in my shelf, but watching the yogs play it will be fun.
    Edit: Jagged Earth hype though.

  5. Am I the only one who misses games night
    Edit: I mean like seeing them all interacting in person also the call of cthulhu videos


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