Seven Wonders: Duel – Lewis vs Ben – Game 1

Lewis and Ben battle each other in the Civ-Like Seven Wonders: Duel!
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36 thoughts on “Seven Wonders: Duel – Lewis vs Ben – Game 1”

  1. Great way to explain the game, while you two are playing. Also, the layout/interface of the video is really helpful. Love it!

  2. I just got the game after falling in love with 7 Wonders, but had no clue all the components were so much smaller :/

  3. I think a rule correction: you only add to cost of buying resources based on your opponents brown cards. High tech resources don’t apply.

  4. holy crap I really love this game. after watching you two played it I went and got it the next day and have probably played it 15 times in the past 3 days. I really want to see the yogscast do a tournament with this games. This reminds me of civ soo much except the games only last 30 min! not 6 hours best game ever.

  5. This was great! The overlay text was really really good. I had to pause for some of them but I mean it's not like that's hard. I would absolutely LOVE to see more 7 Wonders (Duel or regular)


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