PARTY BUS! | Pokemon D&D: Road to Victory – Episode 2

Our heroes Lavi, Jade, Scarlet, and Luna all get on the party bus to the safari zone! How will they fare with these slew of new characters?

To those that don’t know. Pokemon Tabletop is a role playing game designed to be like Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder, but with the feel of a Pokemon RPG. If you were ever curious to see what dnd was or if you enjoy funny guys like Critical Role, feel free to give us a shot.
Thank you to our players!
Luna: Megami33 ►
Lavi: Xthedarkone ►
Scarlet: Lady_nanaki ►
Jade: Alaina Prana ►

TheLoadingCrew aka GM stuart, alaina prana, xthedarkone, Lady_nanaki, and Megami33 of Team four Star play the fanmade Pokemon Tabletop RPG as Team Fresh Floof.

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This video is a fan made story. TheLoadingCrew and friends have no association with Nintendo in any capacity. Please support the Official Releases by buying Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

TheLoadingCrew is a husband and wife team made up of 2 independent artists. The husband Stuart is in charge of the YouTube channel and producing video content while the wife Alexandria produces the Web Comics Momma CQ and Jelly Realms Adventures.

On this channel we play Pokemon Tabletop Adventures, Pathfinder, and a few other games with some of our friends like Xthedarkone, Lady_nanaki, megami33, hbi2k, and MasakoX of Team Four Star. Please be sure to Like, Subscribe, and share on Social Media.

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21 thoughts on “PARTY BUS! | Pokemon D&D: Road to Victory – Episode 2”

  1. Did Labcoat guy used to run Grimer's Gas before it exploded? Or was that only the other timeline… Probably got shut down by the health department in this one.

  2. I didnt comment this on the last one cause i was cleaing while listening SO. When tbe new theme came on at first i thought it was just a remix but when megami started singing holy hell my body just started dancing along lol megami had such an incredible voice well done

  3. Huh, we got a reverse yugioh thing going on here. Instead of thinking the guy was Australian like the voice was going for scarlett thought they were cokney.

  4. Lavi has no idea how accurate he is LOL. I met Stuart at Anime Midwest and bought every piece of Utopis merchandise they had! Always glad to support!

  5. Wait slurpy shop in empire city, that’s sure not familiar and definitely does not involve several people dying by a meteor.

  6. That moment when your name has been pronounced as "Damian" so often you can't help but pay attention whenever it's brought up.

  7. 7:20 I got my hopes up thinking you were going to use the Ed Edd n Eddy version of that bus horn (especially since the players reference it themselves), but hearing the normal one is fine too, I guess.
    10:00 Salty Lavi is Salty. 😛
    16:00 I actually want to hear that now. XD
    23:45 Of course Chibitina signed the contract.
    24:32 Luna's impressions of Jade are hilarious.
    Hehe, Goofy Movie reference. Haven't thought of that film in years.
    …wait a minute? I'm up to date on Youtube? I'm up to date on Youtube! Realizes there are no more episodes to watch at this time …aww, I'm up to date on Youtube…

  8. So was the question on who took the time to get these sketchy pictures of Luna and photoshop them onto pokemon trading cards ever brought up? Next thing you know someone's going to have a card of shirtless Lavi-

  9. Poor Scarlett. I can only imagine that her fan plight is because of some shill professor who thought the tagline "'Innocent' Shrine Maiden" would sell merch for him.
    On a separate note, will we see Lavi fangirls (especially since he'll never notice them)?


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