NEW RULES! – Spit It Out (Games Night)

We play Spit It Out on Games Night! The rules get pretty complicated so prepare for a fight! Games Night playlist: Featuring Sips Turps Tom and Ben!

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32 thoughts on “NEW RULES! – Spit It Out (Games Night)”

  1. Looking how dorky (but still cute) Ben looks here compared to how good he looks now is just more proof that once you join the Yogscast you get better looking the older you get

  2. 12:45 well trotsky wastnt elected but was surely a communist politician (he still got a spike to the back of th head too)

  3. Bruh, Pokemon literally means "Pocket Monsters"!!! If Ben didn't get the point, that would've been such BS

  4. Lewis- "you can not use the opposite opposite" uses rotund for big ….. ROTUND MEANS (of a person) large and plump.

  5. shouldn't turps have gotten 4 at the beginning. he had to get question 3 and 4 right.
    1. food on a stick, hot dog (they gave him 1 point for that)
    2. instrument that runs on electricity, trumpet (1 point)
    3. opposite of dark, light (1 point)
    4. last Friday of November, Halloween (no points)
    5. where to get married, graveyard (they Didn't give him the points (for some reason))
    6. fruit that grows on a vine, apple ( 1 point)


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