New Queen – Funemployed – GAMES NIGHT

It’s Games Night so we crack out the board games! We’re playing Funemployed, the game where you have to convince someone to employ you. ► Head to the Yogscast store for 10% off board games such as Funemployed!! ◄
Games Night Playlist: Featuring Sjin Sips Trott

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48 thoughts on “New Queen – Funemployed – GAMES NIGHT”

  1. trisexual? whats that? oh its like pansexual and omnisexual and trigender and all other dumbass pretend sexualities that people wish were real because they want to feel unique, they all mean bisexual but have some added detail to pretend that you can be more than bisexual, bisexual means you're interested in both genders, there is only HE and SHE for pronouns, even if you are transgender, IM transgender, IM bisexual.

  2. It's been 2 years these are great but everyones reference to magnum is a realisation that the deck is overused so new deck? More vids?

  3. Sips: "I was a calendar model"
    Sjin: "which month were you?"
    Sips: "Ummm… April?"
    Sjin: "oh, my favorite month!"

  4. Dude they mentioned the black couch and like every guy realized what he meant and sips just eyes widened realizing he has to change up his cards it was great

  5. Sjin is like a big teddy bear and I want to cuddle with him so badly… He's so adorable when he sneezes and when he laughs!!! 🐻😍😆

  6. Dude. I totally forgot about the drawing I did of a trisexual girl wielding a flaming sword riding a hoverboard.

  7. So, the new queen is an eastern european man with breat implants, a sloth hat, S&M gear and a stuffed panda. Well then.


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