Mystic Meg – Funemployed – GAMES NIGHT

Trott goes all psychic in tonight’s Games Night! We play another hilarious round of Funemployed. ► Head to the Yogscast store for 10% off board games such as Funemployed!! ◄
Games Night Playlist: Featuring Sjin Sips Trott

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43 thoughts on “Mystic Meg – Funemployed – GAMES NIGHT”

  1. Everyone keeps going on about Mystic Meg, but what really killed me in this episode was "With 2 minutes comes great rice".

  2. 3:24 MYSTIC MEG
    sips "Can you write the theme tune?" trott "Sing the theme tune" cracked me up i love little Britain

  3. Lewis missed an opportunity in the pirate round = "I'm called Scissors because I cut farts all the time and no one wants to run with me."


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