MIND-NUMBING CHAOS | Everyone Is John (Games Night XL)

It’s Everyone Is John, the role-playing game where everyone plays as John, you just have to bet for control.
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35 thoughts on “MIND-NUMBING CHAOS | Everyone Is John (Games Night XL)”

  1. Man, I've always wanted them to play this game again, this was so fun and I honestly don't see why they haven't done another round.

  2. Whenever I have a bad day I just rewatch this video. No matter how many times I watch, it still ends up brightening up my day and making me laugh.

  3. I randomly came back to this. I love it so much. Tom's near deadpan saying 'The minivan ploughs into the ticket office' broke me XD

  4. You can hear the Energy in his voice" as Lewis mutters it out with no Care, nor Emphasis whatsoever…what a BURN..

  5. This video is one of the best the Yogscast has made, holy shit, up there with the "Why is the belt below his ass?!" episode of Tekkit, fucking amazing. I wish there was like an animation for this, it'd be so fucking good for this all to be put into an animated form, I also wish that they'd do more Everyone Is John, this was great, the conversation with Cthulu was absolutely fantastic and my god, I can't keep coming back for this man, every once in a while I just have an urge to rewatch and never do I lose interest.

  6. It's strange: I watched this a couple of years back, and as I was watching it this time I realised that I was imagining the locations in the exact same way. Please please make another guys

  7. Fucking amazing, cant believe i missed this when it came out. Why was everyone in the comments crying about the book tho, lewis obviously replaced it its only £20 ffs x)


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