Middleditch And Schwartz Take The BFF Challenge | Netflix Is A Joke

Thomas Middleditch and Ben Schwartz put on an improv show that will test their skills…not their friendship. These two know what the other is thinking before they can say “Nope, not even close.”

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25 thoughts on “Middleditch And Schwartz Take The BFF Challenge | Netflix Is A Joke”

  1. If you want more of these guys doing improv check them out on Comedy Bang Bang and other podcasts, and Benny Schwa also did House of Lies Live a few years back which was just some long form improv shows with the cast of House of Lies.

  2. “I still have Dreams about them Ashmir.”
    “Don’t you mean Nightmares?”
    “No Ashmir Dreeeams!”

    That dialogue exchange is golden 😂😂😂


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