Microscope – A New Earth #1 | The Hunt for N'Earth

YogsQuest! Microscope! Tom, Simon, Ben and Lewis create a brand new universe! Earth is doomed and humanity embarks on a journey to find a New Earth… N’Earth!
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26 thoughts on “Microscope – A New Earth #1 | The Hunt for N'Earth”

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  3. Lewis is really into the space stuff. Taking it quite seriously. Doesn't he major or minor in some sort of space related science? Or was that Simon?

  4. How is the set some much worse than when the series started?? I miss this series and with they still had this kind of enthusiasm

  5. 20:15 This isn’t going to turn into WH40K, is it? They already have a human empire, and now he’s exclaiming that every other aliens race is an asshole to all the others

  6. Earth is united under a space Emperor simply named the God Emperor, Savior of Mankind. He takes them on great journeys across the stars until they find mean aliens that simply MUST die. Earth is renamed Holy Terra and it becomes a the Capital of the "Empire"


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