Magic the Gathering: War of the Spark – Lewis vs Ben

Magic! Lewis, and Ben battle it out playing this new expansion of MtG, War of the Spark!

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29 thoughts on “Magic the Gathering: War of the Spark – Lewis vs Ben”

  1. Yea I would rather them never play Magic on here again than watch them do this idiotic play style. See the good thing about recording and posting this is that you can just cut out all of the set up. Instead of forcing one to mulligan just let the reshuffle and draw 7. We don't have to know what you do before you start recording.

  2. I hope we're getting some more videos of you guys in the future. They're just the best on YouTube for the games you play. A pleasure to follow the games with the nice editing and camera work!

  3. I know this is a dead channel but I’ve always loved it, especially the MTG ones, it would be awesome if you guys kept up with it. Some of my favourite yogs is Tom smashing all of you with mono black 😂😂😂…. Pls bring back

  4. F to pay respects to this channel. Call of Cthulhu and edge of the empire were some of my favourite yogscast content

  5. Finally a games night video! missed all the board games, card games and Cthulhu games my fav stuff you do. 🙂


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