Magic the Gathering: Planechase Anthology #1

Watch Lewis, Ben, Duncan and Tom play some MtG Planechase Anthology!

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30 thoughts on “Magic the Gathering: Planechase Anthology #1”

  1. I thought it was possible to keep rolling after the 2d roll? I thought it just increased in mana cost, like the 1st roll is free, 2nd roll costs one, 3rd cost two, 4th costs three, and so on from there

  2. Anyone else realize that the Protection from Creatures, offered by Spirit Mantle, means that it can't be blocked by Creatures?

    A spell or non-creature ability could cause Duncan's creature to be blocked, but otherwise nothing else would be able to.

  3. I love how each of them has their own reprentative drink
    Tom with the juice box
    Duncan with the aluminum can
    Ben with the plastic bottle and Lewis with the glass cup

  4. I feel like if either Tom or Ben is wearing a Sharky and Palp shirt, the other must also wear a Sharky and Palp shirt. Actually no, that would be lame.

  5. There's "casual Magic" and there's "blatant cheating". Still, loving the entertainment; keep making that money, boys!

  6. Ben forever showing his lack of MtG knowledge and inability to read cards properly… actually scratch that, his general lack of attention to detail haha 😀

  7. i bought planechase anthology a while back, and it was my best magic purchase. i almost allways play with the planar deck, and i ended up using a number of the cards, even building a thromok commander deck.

  8. actually you can keep rolling the diw. every time you re-roll though it's 1 mana more. so the first is free the second is 1 and third is 2 so on and so forth.

  9. Just an fyi, if anyone from Magic is looking at comments, please keep sponsoring these, I just bought my first MTG cards (game night box), and absolutely love it, all because of these videos. This is one of the few times Ads have actually made me buy something I wouldn't have done without the Ad.

  10. I love how around 21:40 Tom just looks at the camera and shrugs like ‘sure’. This is why Tom’s the best Yogs.

  11. A game rule gets violated or neglected – *starts typing angery comment *
    Guys explain that it't an illegal move – *Backspace *

  12. @Games Night
    umm…when Ben summons the Druid, WHERE did he get a green mana? He only had 2 mountains and a null mana. Unless Green mana is suddenly written and painted as red…

  13. IDK if anyone already said this but Ben is wrong about rolling the plane die, you can roll it however many times u want but it costs one additional mana each time


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