LEWIS vs BEN | Magic: The Gathering

It’s Magic: The Gathering! I’m battling Ben with the Egyptian themed Amonkhet expansion. This video was made in association with Wizards of the Coast, the makers of Magic The Gathering. ► If you’re new to Magic then check out Magic Open House on 1-2 July, 2017, you can get a Welcome Deck and learn to play during a fun, casual event: ◄
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24 thoughts on “LEWIS vs BEN | Magic: The Gathering”

  1. I see kids in my middle school playing Magic, and I really want to talk to them and play with them, but I just can’t, so thank you Vogcast for reminding me I’m lonely again.

  2. 9:20 The Bog of Eternal Stench was The Labyrinth, not The Never Ending Story.
    I feel that I can make that comment, considering we are watching two grown men play a card game for ages 13+.

  3. So Gidion gets his own life counter? How does that part work? I saw that those cards has Dice attached to them? Did they set those dice to 5? I don't understand that part. If someone could explain, Thanks.

  4. Nice video, but I'm a bit perplexed when it comes to attack initiative, how is that decided ? Is the attacking player always attacking and the defender always blocking until the game is over ?

  5. I thought tap abilities can't be used on the turn a creature was summoned (due to Summoning Sickness)? So Ben's move of summoning that Dessicated Naga and using it's tap ability in the same turn at 40:20 would actually be illegal, right?

  6. In my opinion they would both like against a person with a mixed deck if they only have white or black decks then someone with say a green and blue mixed deck would win with blues magic cards and greens brute force ya know


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