LEWIS OF THE FREE FOLK vs NIGHT WATCHMAN DUNCAN | A Song of Ice and Fire Miniatures Battle (Game 6)

It’s time for a Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire miniatures battle! This time the Free Folk take on the Night’s Watchmen!
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17 thoughts on “LEWIS OF THE FREE FOLK vs NIGHT WATCHMAN DUNCAN | A Song of Ice and Fire Miniatures Battle (Game 6)”

  1. Does anyone know what Grenn dis to get sent to the wall ? I remember what Pypar did, which if you forgot was refusing to grant a lord sexual favours while working as a singer, but what did Grenn do ?

  2. God. I love Lewis's desire to be fair, but I think every single one of these games has had some weird shenanigans because they realize they missed a rule like 5 minutes later then try to reverse 20 choices made since then

  3. The reason why Lewis keeps winning is because he actually reads what his cards/units do and plans around that instead of just randomly throwing troops at the enemy.

  4. honestly without stannis intervening, the knights watch would have suffered the same fate in the books/show

  5. I don't know where they are getting this "field commander" rule from. As far as I'm aware if you have an NCU commander you do not get to take advantage of the rules involving commanders scoring objectives.

  6. The Catapult can hit anything basically anywhere on the table, which is why its priced so high I would reckon. It is a bit of a gamble, but considering the output when it does hit – it's pretty crazy. At least it can't explode or misfire like ii Warhammer!

  7. Duncan complaining how bad a card is after only reading half of it…."And now his watch is ended" also lets you remove an activation token or take back an NCU!

  8. Is there any way to make the stone thrower attack multiple times? i could imagine that it would become a lot better if there is a way.

  9. The whole game Duncan doesn’t move or attack while Lewis constantly moves all his units and attacks more than once a round.

  10. "I've not been lucky with the dice today" says Duncan, rolling 3x 5+ up on 5 dice. I think it's less to do with luck and more to do with marching two units up alone against four to be honest. xD I know he wants to keep two behind to hold the objectives, but when that's HALF your units, maybe try and play the defensive angle and give up the centre ground. I love that he realises that only after one unit gets practically eviscerated. "Oh wait…"

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