League of Legends | El Tigre Braum Support – Full Game Commentary

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40 thoughts on “League of Legends | El Tigre Braum Support – Full Game Commentary”

  1. I actually kind of disagree about what you said in the beginning about not using Braum's E. . I mean. I'm playing in the stupid leagues admittedly, but I've actually found that for some reason. Once I put my E up? More champs will attack me; I THINK because it just makes you more visible in team fights, and in the heat of the moment people haul off. And if you're facing an adc like MF? Its a necessity.

  2. I agree. Braum does have a good laning phase but when compared to other supports it's lackluster and not very fun in solo queue.

  3. somebody jsut realeased a video complaining that youtubers who do league videos need to stop playing so shit, it is encouraging bad habits in other palyers.. this video emphasises this point.

  4. You have to be more aggressive with your Q's in lane, and punish them with a W Q combo when they try to go after your ADC

  5. With your E ability you can block every single projectile that is flying around such as auto attacks or spells like Jinx` Zap (W) or her Super Mega Death Rocket (R). It also works on "hidden" projectiles such as Nami Aqua Prison (Q) or her Ultimate. Braum´s E provides massive protection from the damage (30 to 40 percent depending on level) but it will block the very first attack / projectile completely. The only side effect is, that other effects e.g. stuns or AOEs will hit such as Morgana´s Dark Binding (Q) or Nami´s Aqua Prison (Q) and the AOE from Jinx´Super Mega Death Rocket (R). While active the shield provides Braum 10 % Movement speed.

  6. Your attitude while you're playing really makes me happy. I only subscribed a day or two ago, but I'll keep liking because I learn a ton and you're insanely positive! Best wishes man!

  7. I'm a support main and I have to say his laning is quite strong. He has a lot of ways to create cc and can be both defensive and offensive in lane. Like moving back from your wave and when the enemy moves up W to a minion that they left and use your E while AAing and Qing them since they are now close range makes for an easy to achieve stun with you always winning trade when your ADC follows up because your shield negates a lot of the DMG. There's lots of things you can do and when you reach 6 you can easily start a fight. You can protect your own tower with his E from even minion hits and DMG in general. I just needed to say something when you said he doesn't do much in lane. Sorry for the rant just trying to get my point across.

  8. Im wanna say you won't take damage from being hit by jinx rocket with E up but the explosion radius will still hit anyone near you and hurt them.Also you just didn't kill her she got the level up after u died R.I.P Monk!

  9. i dont pay any attention to changes made in this game since im a filthy casual, can anyone briefly explain why ad fizz isn't good anymore?

  10. Im not that salty… its just for entertainment value… lets change topic before i get salty again… lol if i had any more salt id send you back to the chef bro.


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