Jace Beleren Must Die – Ep. 37.1 | 5th Edition D&D | Roll20 Games Master Series

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“In Ravnica, one man reigns above all others: Jace Beleren, the living Guildpact. His word is law and none can stand against him. A conspiracy dedicated to freedom from the meddling of absent Planeswalkers will do the impossible. They know the truth: Jace Beleren Must Die!”

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11 thoughts on “Jace Beleren Must Die – Ep. 37.1 | 5th Edition D&D | Roll20 Games Master Series”

  1. Vraska doesn't have head snakes. She has head tentacles. Think about what they can do when she goes down on ya.

  2. Inadvertently, during Hot or Not, Adam answers the "multiple spells with Action Surge?" question

    One finds wisdom everywhere

  3. O HAI THERE CO CONSPIRATORS! Do you want to know who is hot and who is not? Then definately don’t skip to 54:11 which is when the game actually starts. I know. Almost an hour of amazing pre-game content including, but not limited to, Carlos now having stairs and hating Chicago (about as much, I guess, as Adam hates Dungeons and Dragons), Katie-Mae having gone to “Scientology High”, Massood watching trash TV and TK having opinions about white people having excuses for being serial killers. Anyway, about 30 minutes of the time is a big game of hot or not about the NPC’s and the cast itself! So yeah, that was it! See you all in the secret meeting! The password this time is “Give your spirit-energy to Goku!” Got it? Cool. See you there!


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