How to Stop Gambling on Online Slots

A lot of people have a hard time quitting online gambling. It’s a common addiction that causes significant financial losses and harm to your life in other areas. It’s also a dangerous habit that can cause anxiety and depression. It’s important to seek help when you recognize that your gambling is out of control.

Fortunately, there are ways to quit gambling on online slots. Here are some tips to stop gambling:

Understand the addictive process

Gambling is a highly addictive behavior. It triggers a dopamine reward circuit in the brain that mimics those seen in drug abusers. In fact, neuroscientific research shows that non-drug behavioral addictions (such as gambling) are connected to the same changes in the brain as substance abuse. So, it’s not a matter of willpower or lack of effort. It’s a matter of disrupting the unconscious, addictive patterns that keep you gambling.

Some of these are:

The illusion of control

It’s a false thought pattern that can be associated with problem gambling. It’s the belief that a specific strategy or bet will change the outcome of a game. It’s important to recognize this, as it’s not true. Whether you’re playing online poker, sports betting or slot machines, the outcomes are always random.

Avoid triggers

Try to identify what kinds of situations or emotions make you want to gamble. This will help you develop coping strategies. For example, you might start a journal or talk to friends and family members about your gambling struggles. You might also consider joining a support group for gambling addiction. This will help you feel more supported as you move forward in your recovery.

Find new hobbies

Finding a replacement activity for online gambling will give you a healthy way to spend your spare time. You might take up a hobby, join a club or start exercising. Choosing something that you enjoy will make it easier to stick with it long-term. For instance, you might find that going for walks or playing with your pets is a great way to distract yourself from thinking about online slots.

The best way to quit gambling on online slots is to make a plan and follow it. You might be tempted to just quit cold turkey, but this is not a good idea. Changing your behavior on a whim is rarely effective, and it will probably relapse. Instead, you should focus on establishing long-term motivation and commitment to change.

Once you have a solid plan in place, it’s time to put more barriers between yourself and gambling websites. You can do this by using an app like Freedom, which blocks websites that you choose. It also allows you to schedule recurring block sessions and set how long they last. This will help you break the recurring cycle of logging in to gambling sites and wasting your time. It will help you gain back control of your gambling and improve your chances of stopping it once and for all.

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