How Bulma saved the World Reaction

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Goku reacts to How Bulma saved the World by synetik

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29 thoughts on “How Bulma saved the World Reaction”

  1. Bulma Is What She Is . Since I Sent My Comment To Yamcha Youtube Channel. Since He Still Hates Bulma For Treating Him Poorly In, The Past . Yeah She Had That Animation Of, Herself And, Adult Gohan . Your Son Did A Right Thing Getting A Restraining Order From, Bulma From, Last Year's On Her Youtube Channel. And, Vegeta Was Angry That You Was In GOOGLE Pictures With, Bulma. They Look Like They From, Deviantart Shipping Pictures. I Seen Them.

  2. lol back in the day in db bulma always been a slut sinces db to dbz and the new movie and i think she was thristy for lord beerus and black goku


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