Hot Pepper Bloodborne Review (ft. Matt Mercer) – Hot Pepper Gaming

Matt Mercer came back for another episode because I don’t know but whatever he’s awesome and so is this review of Bloodborne. Dude eats a dried ghost pepper drenched in, get this, Dr. Assburn’s hot sauce. Enjoy this.

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38 thoughts on “Hot Pepper Bloodborne Review (ft. Matt Mercer) – Hot Pepper Gaming”

  1. “It’s like chewing on a forest fire”

    How can this beautiful man be so damn eloquent while his mouth is on fire

  2. the fact that he can make coherent sentences still baffles me to this day
    a true man of vocal control, even in such pain

  3. After playing blood-borne my play style for the entire Souls series switch to a more aggressive Style and it seems to be working out pretty well

  4. This showed up on my youtube recommended videos as I watch Critical Role and various gaming videos. This did not disappoint.

  5. is he a fucking god or something. how can you never have a pepper. then have a ghost as your first and then come back for more

  6. I'd say "they hurt our boy twice now" but remember he agreed to this…both times. Thank you Matt for braving the element of fire…twice.

  7. Matt- "People die skiing!"

    Travis- "People die eating ghost peppers, and you've done it! Twice!

    Matt- "Touchée"


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