HE'S LYING! | The Chameleon (Games Night)

It’s Games Night! Today we’re playing chameleon, the game where one of you has to hide in plain sight. ► Buy Chameleon from our store:
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Who’s in the video:


Gameplay Overview:
One of you is the hidden Chameleon, but who? Using one carefully chosen word each, you all try to smoke out the Chameleon who is bluffing like mad to try and pin the blame on somebody else.

Each game only lasts 5 minutes and is like a mini whodunit.


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25 thoughts on “HE'S LYING! | The Chameleon (Games Night)”

  1. 1 Little piggy went to market

    2 Little piggy stayed home

    3 Little piggy had roast beef

    4 Little piggy had none

    5 Little piggy went wee wee wee all the way home

    That's 3 pigs, right Lewis? WTF?

  2. Lewis completely misunderstands this game. The more cryptic your word is is, the more explaining you have to do, the easier it is for the chameleon to figure shit out.

  3. i was hoping that someone in the comments some gen z American to comment how have you never watched days of our lives then i could correct them

  4. yogscast i wish you didnt circled out the choosen answer, we also could participate and try to find the answer

  5. I have this game. My family played it and my brother was the Chameleon every single round. We haven't touched it since.

  6. What… everybody saying “feet” was not obvious when that is the single biggest clue you could give to give away what the answer is


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