Guild Grumps EPISODE 1

This isn’t gonna end well…
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Eric Thompson – Camera
Scott Kaser – Sound
Steve Failows – DP
Aaron Umetani – Director
Will Harless – Editor
Ashley “Starexorcist” Swaby – Illustration and Design
Porter “Esquirebob” Vinson – Logo and 3D Animation
Brian Wecht – Guild Grumps Theme Song – Introduction tune

This is an independent production with no affiliation to Blizzard Entertainment.

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41 thoughts on “Guild Grumps EPISODE 1”

  1. In a way I feel that Ross should have led them into wow instead of forcing them, but think that they should have given it a chance and listened before Mario maker came out and gave them hell through Ross’s levels. Now I kinda feel bad for Ross who clearly is a huge fan of wow seeing his friends not enjoying or listening to half the things that he says. as someone who has played wow for countless hours I know what not having sleep for a day or two feels like.

  2. Okay but the Warcraft lore is pretty dope. I didn't start playing WoW until this year and I started on classic and I only got into it because I got into Hearthstone which I only got into cause I was playing Overwatch but I'm in love with that lore, dude. Maybe my second favorite video game fantasy genre world after Elder Scrolls

  3. Ross's whiteboard explaining the lore behind how literal space satan sticks his big meaty sword deep in azeroth and she didnt like it is my favorite part of all of this

  4. Re-watching this series in April 2020 to remind myself why World of Warcraft is boring as hell. And even while we're all forced to stay home, it is NOT worth getting into (or back into) WoW. Stay sane, stay safe.

  5. REwatching this series as I replay WoW for the first time in years in my little COViD quarantine. Still love it!

  6. People talk about how Ross is being a control freak or how the others are being idiots but this is basically what happens whenever you try to walk people through a new genre, especially friends, but in Ross's case there's a little more pressure. I tried to get my friends into bloodborne, and having played through it multiple times I tried to walk them through everything but they'd wander around getting themselves killed in the process, which means we have to restart. It's annoying and can be stressful but it's still really fun to show other people the things you enjoy, I don't blame Ross, but from an outside perspective both people look like idiots XD

  7. This is like me trying to talk to my parents about my favorite video games.
    Sonic the Hedgehog, Metal Gear Solid, Star Wars etc.

  8. The four of you gave me such a headache i thought dan was arin 5 minutes. I dont play WoW but i get ross's frustation

  9. I feel S BAD FOR ROSS that poor boy just wanted to do a challenge with his friends and have fun and everyone is making him upset this is why Ross makes Mario maker levels for them it's Dan and well mostly Arin's punishment also I think my heart grew a little bit for Ross that poor boy also thank you Dan for listening to Ross you a good boy

  10. i feel for ross because wow is one of my favorites and the whole idea is for charity but its nice seeing them doing whatever random crap makes them have fun lol

  11. God you can tell Ross put so much time and effort into this and none of them cared. It's kinda sad, but I know there are no hurt feelings over it.


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