Goblin Quest #1 | The Trojan Goat

Goblin Quest! Simon, Lewis, Sjin and Tom send a bunch of Goblins to fail spectacularly at easy tasks!

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36 thoughts on “Goblin Quest #1 | The Trojan Goat”

  1. "Well I'm really good at lying… and I'm a *liar*… so I could lie…?" I just love the execution of this sentence

  2. when simon undulated into the office and died, i pictured it more as him slithering up right into a guard orc's axe blade and simply beheading himself

  3. Actually a group of goblins is called a "jglka;f njoqwpvauwbirytvjape rhbfjso ;buhtabs;pnasl tsynmw4n es". It takes several years to master the pronunciation in their native tongue. It certainly cannot be obtained by smashing a koosh ball into the keyboard repeatedly, or rolling one's face across it while giggling madly.

  4. When's the next EoE game? Not sayin that the stuff you have been doing is boring, but I have been waiting a long time now.


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