GAMES NIGHT – Timeline

It’s Games Night so we play Timeline! It’s a table top game where players have to place historical events in chronological order. Games Night Playlist:


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29 thoughts on “GAMES NIGHT – Timeline”

  1. There are actually alot if photographs from the civil war, but photographs did not show up in news papers until far after that.

  2. The problem with the slavery abolished in France one is it kinda happened twice. I guess itd probably want the one that stuck

  3. Yep – as an American, I had the date of the declaration of Independence drilled into me – but I also know when the Great Fire of London happened. 🙂 However, yelling the answer at the screen did not help the Brits get that one right – a shame, lol. Just bought this game myself (the Timeline Challenge version); looking forward to getting it open and on the table!

  4. Before the dollar people traded with their own goods, Tabacco being a big one, a buck is a buck because 1 dollar used to be worth 1 buck hide

  5. "I've played Assassin's Creed"
    Me: squeals and rolls backward in my office chair with cackling laughter because I'm an uber nerd and history nerd on top of that

  6. In nerd voice well in fact Trott is wrong America used British pounds until the dollar the term bucks was because a buck deer hide sold for one dollar

  7. How is the Birth of the dollar of any Historical significance? You might as well put 'The birth of the British pound sterling' or 'The birth of the rupee' This game is obviously designed to stop Americans feel left out when they notice they have no history. That explains why 'the invention of fast food' is on there.


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