Game Grumps Animated – Whap Goblin

Hope you guys like this small one.
Sorry I haven’t been putting out more stuff recently, I’ve just been busy with my furry art stuff.
I’ve been neglecting it for close to a year and I decided that I had to get back into it. But inadvertently neglecting my YouTube channel in the process but rest assure that I still plan to release a new video at least every week because you guys are the reason for everything that I have right now, so thank you so much for being patient and sticking with me!!
Love you all!

Game Grumps:


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45 thoughts on “Game Grumps Animated – Whap Goblin”

  1. I made the whap goblin as an enemy for my dnd group to encounter. He will attack the person and anyone associated with the person until they’re dead or knocked unconscious

  2. "I'm gonna whap. Just a whap or two."

    I love the idea of the Whap Goblin enjoying his whaps so much that he has to moderate his Whap Intake.

  3. When Arin’s future children misbehave, I hope he uses “It’s whappin’ time!”

    Edit: Hitting your kids is wrong, just a joke.


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