Game Grumps Animated – Shot and Missed – By Oryozema

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49 thoughts on “Game Grumps Animated – Shot and Missed – By Oryozema”

  1. I went to school but missed the bus

    I went to my car door but I missed

    I went to the bathroom but I missed the door

    I went in my my room to shoot myself but i missed

  2. As much as I love Brandon Turner's version (please, don't hate me, buddy), I love that Oryozema included the cabbage part. That kills me every time. XD

  3. Just watched this again since it first came out and it STILL makes me laugh so hard I start crying and snorting.

  4. I’m not really a part of this fandom, I don’t watch Gamegrumps, but man I always see these highlights, and these guys just know how to make anything funny.

  5. This is ehu you alwaus buff your agailyu and debyff the enemies'. so you don't midd all the damn time@

    I was typujng in the dark amd I missed quitr a few timesz/ vF

  6. I remember a few years ago when every time I watched this I would die of laughter.
    Ahh nostalgia. Those days will be missed.


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