Game Grumps Animated – Ren Faire Wizards – by Willoughby

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34 thoughts on “Game Grumps Animated – Ren Faire Wizards – by Willoughby”

  1. If I may? The animation is giving off major Adult Swim vibes…you know…before it turned to…whatever it is at this point.

  2. Now I may be overthinking this…But this GG animated reminds me of the 1978 Lord of the Rings movie of Bakshi.
    Reasons are:
    -the realistic frame per frame animation
    -The medieval theme of the story
    Just an over thought…

  3. …. I mean I dunno maybe it’s the fact that you brought her to the Ren faire. Like you gotta ease people into your nerdy ness. A Ren Faire is pretty niche shit. Can be some high strangeness if you’re on not apart of that fandom.
    Think about it you’re a regular average Woman and this nice boy is dating you, and then like 3 months in BAM he’s in a jerkin with a lute. 🎵Arrrrrreeeeee youuuuu goingggggg to Scarrrrburough fairrrrr 🎶

  4. Dan: "So I was like no Ren Faire this year."
    Bartender Arin: "Yeah. It's rough out there, buddy. Lemme tell ya about this gal I tried to woo called Helena…"

  5. Man, the animator for this is talented. It is really smooth and the jittery nature of it reminds me of Ed, Edd n Eddy. The laughing could use some work, though. They just kind of rock back-and-forth.

  6. The art style reminds me of The Phillips CDI animations if they were good, and of Façade’s art style mixed together

  7. This is how the animation was made:

    The animator filmed himself acting the whole thing, and he traced over himself frame by frame. He used the bucket tool to make the flat colors. He squiggled the outline for Dan’s hair which is why it looks like a floaty piece of cardboard.


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