"Für Elise" Performed by Lang Lang

Steinway Artist Lang Lang performs Beethoven’s “Für Elise” on the Lang Lang Steinway Black Diamond Limited Edition. Of the piece, Lang Lang says: “For me it is very romantic, and light, like a feather. It has to come from nowhere and it has to touch people. It can’t just be treated as background music. I’ve tried to play the piece as the masterpiece that it is, and I hope that children who begin learning ‘Für Elise’ will treat it the same way.”
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39 thoughts on “"Für Elise" Performed by Lang Lang”

  1. If Lang Lang forgives me for liking his lips, then I promise him a miracle! BTW I play piano. He’s an exquisite pianist. I notice how his entire body moves.

  2. Chinese should realize re-doubling name is lame, not cool. especially for adults.
    It's one thing to name your pet puppy Lang Lang, but childish to name adult Lang Lang.

  3. Some of the notes didn't sound loud enough. I couldn't do it but there's a delicacy missing at the start, but it got better.

  4. Not bad. Usually when I see videos of this guy he's beating the keys like they owe him money, so I was half-expecting that when I clicked.

  5. Unlike others he plays the song slower, which adds so much more emotions to the melody. I've always preferred this piece played slow rather than fast and he just makes it sound perfect

  6. I love how he takes his time with this piece. Most pianists rush and play faster, especially since it's an incredibly simple piece. Amazing as always, Lang Lang!

  7. Here you can hear the difference between beginners who play this piece like an etude, and a Star Pianist. It is more than a piece which beginners can play. The mistake is that many teachers are not able to notice this. I remember when I played this piece first time in the 70s with 12 years I didn´t understand the deepness.

  8. Amazing the elaganty soft smooth cat like playing. Really nice job, thank you for sharing… Shah shah, arigato,thank you.
    Great job on video,production,editing,lighting,Camera's,fine tuning of masterful piece craftsmanship Steinway baby grand

  9. Yes, that's the tempo and emotion! Beethoven revised this piece in 1822 so it is clearly more Romantic than people think. Bravo!!!


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