Endler´s Livebearer (El Tigre – Class N)

Today we will continue in Endler’s Livebearer series, and as last couple of videos have been about strains from class K – guppy hybrids, I have decided to mix it up a little bit and prepared video about another wild strain from class N. El Tigre are an amazing strain with great story, and definitely belong to fish room to every endler or guppy nerd. Once again, thanks to Ján Kristín for letting me film in his fish room, if you guys wanna check what other types of endless he keeps here is the link to his web-page:

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Endler’s Livebearer (Campoma no. 47 Blue Star – Class N)

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13 thoughts on “Endler´s Livebearer (El Tigre – Class N)”

  1. I've been looking everywhere in England for these beautiful fish. No luck! Do you know anyone who can sell in or to England? I've got a paludarium waiting to stock.

  2. Hi Pat, these beautiful P.endler El Tigre excellent information and explanations of this species … you have a beautiful colony. I signed up, I also have a channel that deals with aquariums and tropical fish.
    Best regards

  3. I have a colony of these little beauties myself, but despite changing my water temperature I cannot seen to get any male fry at the moment

  4. They can only be N class if registered with Adrian Hernandez otherwise they are named by location documented as caught at. There has been a lot of mixing in wild strains now so that it would take a genetic test to prove if they are pure Wingei or not.

  5. Absolutely amazing video. Did not know there was other location than Campoma or Cumana 😊 thank you for sharing!


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