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El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera (El Tigre: Las Aventuras de Manny Rivera in Spanish) is an action comedy show showing the antics of it’s main character Manny Rivera alongside his best friend Frida Suárez, his superhero father Rodolfo Rivera and his Super Villain grandfather Grandpapi. The series television debut was on March 3, 2007 for both networks Nickelodeon & Nicktoons. The series ended on September 13, 2008, and occasionally airs in non-prime time periods on Nicktoons. It’s the first ever flash animation series produced for Nickelodeon and Nicktoons Network.

– Dust Devil – D-Code (
– El Jarabe Tapatio – The Mexican Hat Dance
– Nujabes – Aruarian Dance (
– Ed Helms – How Bad Can I Be

Intro Art – JMDurden:
Logo Art – nolanthebiggestnerd: nolanbartworks.tumblr.com/
Outro Animation (NSFW):

Cartoon Network Groovies Mixtape:

Intro Song:



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  1. If you love El Tigre for the Mexican representation then you would enjoy Victor and Valentino. I was taking a course in Aztec art history when the show launched last year and some of the references to Aztec and pre-hispanic mythology is pretty accurate although tweaked a little because it's a cartoon. Examples: the tzitzimime, cipactli, mictlantecuhtli, and huitzi the hummingbird, bassed on the god Huitzilopochtli who takes on the form of a blue hummingbird. Imma be sad if cartoon network cans the show, it has so much potential.

  2. As someone who is black I love this show and most Hispanic cartoons I wish black people could had something like this like we aint got nothing that don't have something to do with racism of political views

  3. But I wanted you to narrate the opening of El Tigre…
    But what about the two Avatar shows–The Last Airbender and the Legend of Korra?

  4. Your speaking my language with these great reviews mang, also I learned how to make a piñata because of this show


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