Dragon's Lair – Game Grumps

Enter… The Dragon’s Lair.
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Game Grumps are:
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32 thoughts on “Dragon's Lair – Game Grumps”

  1. I remember when I was in 7th grade and someone told me I had DSL… I remember being ashamed of my dial-up internet and thinking they were complimenting me on my high speed internet. Thanks, Evan.

  2. Its for some reason hilarious to me that the animation director for dragon's lair, was also animation director for "All Dogs Go To Heaven".

  3. For the longest time I thought the yellow lightning up on the pad in the bottom middle was just them pressing the button. I didn't realize it was an indicator. That makes it so much easier than just looking at the screen and pressing one of the buttons

  4. Back in 1984, the arcade version was freaking state of the art. I never understood how to play it. And it didn't have any helpful arrows or sword prompts in the arcade version.

  5. the reason why reaction times are so low is it took 1.3 million dollars to make
    holy jesus. Today that's like just cause 4 or something

  6. Bro broski guys gather around I have an idea that'll change everything

    Ashley and Dan cosplay as Daphne and Dirk

  7. Is this game made by the same ppl who made the game that funhaus played…title I cannot remember god damn it. It involved some dude trying to rescue "jenny" and the villain used and "infantilizer ray" to change him back and forth into a teenager then adult again. IT was more "adult rated" than this but the animation style looks the same.

  8. Poor Dirk is stuck in purgatory. Where he dies over and over. And every room looks familiar, but backwards.

    Also, Daphne and her perky boobs that stand up without a bra. And her lack of underwear.


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